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The Di Donato Group can boast an experience of over sixty years in the world of paint and construction and, thanks to the knowledge acquired and its constant research and innovation, it now ranks among the leading companies in Italy for the production of painting products

Colour, style and creativity are the essential elements whereby the company, led by the Di Donato Group, has launched the Work in Colors project: a broad range of products for the construction industry offering a variety of styles and outstanding quality. Three product lines underlie our world of colour: Fine decorative materials from Art’e Style, the IVC specialised paint plant, and the HEX light construction centre

IVC the Color Company is the only partner for the specialised paint plant and light construction centre: Broad range and deep know-how gained on interior finishes, outdoor cycles and insulation systems.
Moreover, IVC stands out for the direct production of mortars, smoothing plasters and thick coatings.

The Antica Signoria Art’e Style brand, which today boasts one of the most prestigious decorative collections on the international market, specialises in decorative stuccoes, lime products with a modern twist, but also comprises a whole series of decorative materials conceived to express the moods of contemporary design

The Hex line, Malte Specifiche Prima del Colore, was created with the precise aim of satisfying the technical needs of rehabilitation, recovery, construction and building renovation.
Designed following careful research, development and application testing, all products of the line are formulated using aggregates from proprietary quarries, high-quality raw materials and latest generation grinding and premixing plants.
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