Di Donato group

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the Di Donato Group

The Group is currently ranked among the top brands of the professional paint market for construction

Di Donato Group offers complete solutions suitable for resale, both for professional and private use. The broad product range arises from an indefatigable research and development process and meticulous care towards all production processes.

The range goes from transpiring finishes to anti-condensation paints, from water-based walls to mould-resistant finishes. Our complete range is available in over 200 stores in Italy.

Di Donato Group’s advice goes beyond in-store service and is also felt in your living room. To this, we must add the training and design services that Di Donato professionals have successfully offered to all their customers for years.

the Origins


Today, Di Donato SpA is permanently present in 26 countries worldwide through head offices, branch offices or importers. But our business endeavour took flight a long time ago…

1976 - Opening of the first paint factory

Opening of the first Di Donato paint factory, even if the family made its debut in the world of paints towards the end of the 60s.
At the time, the activity was mainly directed to shipbuilding, to the production of thick coatings and to exports to the Middle East, which was rapidly expanding.

1983 - Start of solvent production

The Di Donato family starts the production of solvent-based products and enlarges the range, adding a complete line of enamels and wood finishes to water-based paints and exterior coatings

1986 - Acquisition of two paint factories

This period saw strong operational growth, resulting also from the acquisition of two additional paint factories

1996 - Establishment of ``Di Donato Romania``

Establishment of Di Donato Romania company, a production unit based in Cluj-Napoca, which represents the first real step towards the internationalisation of the group, and sought to penetrate the Eastern European market

2000 - Establishment of ``Di Donato SpA``

Di Donato SpA, the parent company which is home to all production, logistics, research and development activities.

2005 - Start of mortar and smoothing product production

activation of a special line for the production of mortars and smoothing products for buildings

2005/2010 - International business development

The period is characterised by a further business development, thanks to which the Group adopts a more structured organisation and consolidates its presence abroad